The Greek Islands appear on almost every ‘top ten’ island getaways list. No surprise there!  Most tourists tend to head to Santorini and Mykonos on their first visit understandably, but here are a few more ideas to ponder about. For those on their 2nd visit to Greece, you will not be spoilt for choices with over 200 inhabited islands to choose from. It will take a lifetime to cover them all, but what a great challenge. You game?

Most of the popular islands visited by holiday makers are located in the Aegean Sea, from the Northeastern side all the way south.

The most popular are located in what’s known as ‘The Cyclades’ which are made up of 56 islands, the most visited include:
Santorini for sunset views and romantic holiday

Mykonos for the cool vibe, party and great beaches

Paros & Naxos, well connected with Santorini and Mykonos and has a good mix of beaches, sun and fun activity, villages

Milos ‘Island of Colors’ known for colorful structures and glistening waters. Unbelievable seascapes and beach hopping activity.

Syros, Tinos & Andros, highly underrated by tourists but very popular with the locals. Well deserving a visit, beautiful beaches, nature, villages and town center, affordable lodging and authentic. Read the feature from VOGUE 

Ios, formerly popular with the young party crowd. Of late the island has gone through a rebirth of sorts with many boutique & luxury hotels sprouting up, and more mature upscale clientele are showing appreciation for the island. Beautiful town and beaches.

Folegandros very quiet laid back island, not much to do but relax and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Makes a good addition to your visit to Santorini.

In the most southern part there lies Crete. The island deserves more than a day or two. It is expansive and realistically you could spend your entire vacation here and be satisfied. It has the mild weather almost all year long, endless beaches, villages, history, abundance of natural attractions to visit and keep you active, and last but not least unique gastronomic pleasures.

For those who do not want to travel too far away from Athens, the most popular islands are Evia, which you can reach by road. Or a Aegina, Poros, Hydra and Kea which are all reachable by ferry.

On the opposite side of Greece you will find the Ionion Islands. Most popular being Zakynthos renown for the famous ship wreck beach, and other worthy islands for visit include Corfu, Ithaki, Kefalonia and Lefkada

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