Amorgos Island

Amorgos Island is an island that is part of the Cyclades group. It is easily accessible by ferry from Athens and it has regular connections with the other popular islands nearby such as Mykonos, Santorini, Paros and Naxos.

Getting to the island.
There is no airport on the island, so you will have to take the ferry from Athens. Alternatively in summer season, many visitors fly to the island of Santorini and Mykonos and take the ferry from there for a shorter journey. Just remember there are 2 ports on the island.

It is an island we highly recommend, to include in your itinerary. With lesser crowds compared to it’s popular neighbours, it is a great option for all seasons. Aside from the obvious beauty of the beaches and landscape, the island has a lot to offer and it is well developed to serve a variety of purposes all within a natural and authentic setting.
Along with our partners on the island, we suggest at least a 2 nights stay.

Sun & Sea Fun
Turquoise blue waters await you. Enchanting hidden coves invite you to discover. Most beaches are either sandy or light pebbles, perfect for couples or family fun. Swim, scuba dive, fish or cruise around the island.

Gastronomy & Agrotourism
Amorgian cuisine showcases the best products from the island itself. Perfect for the ‘slow food’ and farm to table concepts that many try to emulate. Focus on quality and simple methods, highlighting many of the well-loved Mediterranean diet tastes using herbs, lemon, olive oil and seasonal produced grown on the island. Try the dairy products including goat cheese, pastries, liqueurs, traditional desserts and plenty of variety for vegetarians.

Experiential Tourism
Many people are looking for a deeper connection while on holiday and seek out activities that allow them to meet more locals, to learn about the traditions, cultures and land itself. Amorgos is one such place that has endless opportunity and facilities for this.
Fitness Holidays, Hiking and walking, cycle
Host or be part of a wellness & meditation retreat, yoga and pilates holidays. Dance, Painting or Cooking classes.

Weddings and Romantic Breaks
A magical spots to seal your union. A truly traditional experience combined with all the modern luxuries for your comfort. Your dream Greek wedding with Traditional music, donkey ride, food, dances and Greek cultural heritage in an authentic setting. Professional planners on hand to take care of your needs!

Aegialis Amorgos Weddings

Geocaching & Astrology
Yes! Perfect for those in small groups or families. Geocaching is an outdoor activity, using GPS receivers or mobile device to seek out containers (caches) at specific marked locations all over the world. There are facilities offering courses, workshops and introduction to your 1st experience geocaching.
For those interested in Astrology, your will find like-minded community here, a common place to obverve the night sky!

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