GASTRONOMY Tours in Greece.

GASTRONOMY Tours in Greece.

After you are done tasting moussaka, souvlaki, dolmades, Greek salad, spinach pies, feta, fresh seafood ….. There are still endless delicacies for you to try. Food tours are THE thing to do nowadays. There are affordable tours, and for the more initiated, there are more indepth tours, not only in Athens but on the islands too.

Food themed tours, may include, cooking with a local, street food tours, farm & harvest experience, specialty tasting (olive oil or cheese tasting), mushroom hunt, wine tasting at a winery, Mediterranean diet tour.

There are so many regions with their own popular and specialty offerings, the options are endless. Try a Gastronomic experience in Crete Island for example! Cooking in the countryside the authentic way! Or in Santorini, there are various options that include winery visits, tasting and cooking experience in combination with sightseeing as well.

Learn local recipes, make friends and enjoy the lunch/dinner which you had participated in making.

Whether you have just 3 hours or a week to kill (for the real foodies!), your food experience can be customized to include multiple cities/villages/islands, visit local producers, taste, experience from farm to table and more.

Dine in the air (Dinner in the sky)
On a cruise (sunset cruise in Athens, Mykonos or Santorini)
On a farm
In a Michelin restaurant
In ‘yia-yia’s kitchen
In the back streets of the city, where only the locals eat….

Just ask, and you will be served!

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