History, Gastronomy, Culture, Active-Outdoor, Shopping!

Suggested Sightseeing & Activities

Day 1 Arrive in Athens, Athens Nightlife tour plus traditional dinner & music

Day 2 Greek Mythology Tour + Acropolis Museum + Dinner in the Sky

Day 3 Coastal Riviera Cycle Tour + Cape Sounio + Seafood dinner by the coast

Day 4 Athens Gastronomy (Street Food tour, cooking, wine tasting, visit winery or alternatively visit farm and olive oil tasting)

Day 5 Sailing Experience to Saronic Island on Traditional motor-sail boat

Day 6 Athens Alternative tour – Street Art and Photography Tour + Fine-dining

Day 7 Shopping – Bargain hunting at flea market, Shopping Malls, Strolling Highstreets Brands as well as local Greek designers stores, Souvenirs and more …

Day 8 Reflect on the experiences and friends you’ve made, before heading to the airport. Till next time.

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